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Reseller Agreement


  1. Site Spot is maintained and supported by Value Hosting Australia (hereby referred to as VHA) who provide internet related services including Domain Name Registration and Management, Email Management and Web Hosting. VHA provides these services to the Site Spot end user (Customer), either directly or through an Approved Reseller.
  1. Reseller is to provide a separate and independent service to VHA, with only correlating relationship being in the context of referring customers to Site Spot in the effort to develop Reseller business interests and ongoing commission yields. The Reseller is not an employee, representative or contractor of VHA and has no other relationship to VHA other than that set out in this agreement.


1.       Accurate Information

VHA/Site Spot will provide the Reseller with accurate pricing and marketing information through the Site Spot and VHA website, and through email and written quotation. As the prices for options and international currency conversions may vary from time to time, it is the responsibility of the Reseller to ensure that pricing is correct before quoting the Customer.

a)      The Reseller will represent the services and prices of VHA/Site Spot accurately.

b)      The Reseller will not represent him/herself as being an employee of VHA or Site Spot.

c)      The Reseller will not provide any guarantees or warrantees on behalf of VHA/Site Spot over and above those stated in the Terms and Conditions.

2.        Provision of Services

When a Reseller submits an order either through the VHA web site, Site Spot Reseller Master Control Panel or by other means, the Reseller accepts the Terms and Conditions on behalf of the Customer. Resellers must perform sign ups through the Site Spot Reseller Master Control Panel or commissions will not be guaranteed. Resellers may add their own Terms and Conditions under which the Reseller provides services and/or products, but may not alter or amend the VHA/Site Spot Terms and Conditions.

3.        Commissions

a)       Commission will be paid to all Resellers for Site Spot subscriptions sold by the Reseller at the commission rate on a sliding scale between 0% - 50% of the subscription charge for the selected Site Spot package for life of the Customer. Recurring commissions are granted upon subscription renewal.

b)       Reseller Hosting Accounts, Domain Name Registration, added extras and any excess data charges are exempt from commission.  

c)       Commission is paid upon request from Reseller. Minimum payment frequency must not exceed 1 month. If Reseller has an ABN, a Tax Invoice must be lodged for commission payable. All commissions are fully inclusive of GST.

d)       Commission is paid via cheque in Australian Dollars.

e)       Commission is gained on paid and active (not expired) accounts only.  

f)       Commission is paid on active Reseller accounts only.  

g)      Commission is only payable for accounts that are external and not directly connected to the Reseller. Commission cannot be gained for referring yourself or your own business. Customers referred must be a separate entity to the Reseller.

4.         Ownership

a)       VHA/Site Spot retains full ownership of end user Customer in the context of Web Hosting and Site Spot subscription. Upon termination of this Reseller agreement, the end user Customer remains the property of VHA/Site Spot.

b)       Reseller account and earned commission is not transferable or sellable to any other party unless agreed to by VHA/Site Spot.

c)       Resellers cannot assign a customer to themselves to receive commission after the customer has already signed up without stating who referred them. We allow a 7 day period to post-assign only.

5.         Suspension

VHA/Site Spot has the right to, and may suspend Reseller status if:

a)       The Reseller breaches any of his or her obligations under the agreement;

b)       The Reseller holds more than 1 Reseller account. Only 1 Reseller account per individual or business is allowed.

6.         Termination

Either party may terminate this agreement by giving the other party 14 days written (email) notice of their intention to terminate.

VHA/Site Spot has the right to, and may terminate Reseller status if:

a)        The Reseller breaches any of his or her obligations under this agreement.

b)        The Reseller does not sell a Site Spot subscription for 12 months and does not contact VHA/Site Spot annually to confirm the Resellers details.  

c)        The Reseller takes part in or encourages fraudulent activity in any context.

d)        The Reseller takes part in, encourages or knowingly allows illegal or morally corrupt material to be uploaded to VHA servers or otherwise breaches the Terms and Conditions.

7.          Governing Laws

This Agreement takes effect, is governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of Victoria and the Commonwealth of Australia.

8.          Entire Agreement

This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and any previous agreements, understandings or negotiations shall be superceded and replaced by this agreement.

9.          Modifications to Agreement

VHA/Site Spot has the right to modify this agreement in any way without prior consent from Resellers. All reasonable efforts will be made to notify Resellers of any changes.

By clicking "I Agree", you agree to honour the terms set out in this agreement.

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